The Road to Success is always planned , strategy is a must 

Strategic planning is a business leadership activity that identifies goals, creates business strategies designed to attain those goals, implements actions around those strategies, then continues to evaluate the effectiveness of plan execution. It all boils down to where your business currently stands, where you want your business to be tomorrow, how on earth you are going to get there, and what key performance indicators are the telltales of your plan’s success.

Creating a strategic plan takes work, but it needn’t be particularly difficult. In fact, almost all strategic plans set out with a similar set of building blocks.

When laying the groundwork for your strategic plan:

בניית תיכנון אסטרטגי
סדנת לחצות את הרף


השנה זו השנה שלי - האומנם ??? שנת 2022 בעיצומה
 מה איתך ? כמנהל , בעלי חברה, יתכן וכבר עברת מספר של אימונים וייעוצים.
האם אתה מוכן לקחת את העסק לצעד הבא?

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