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אימון עיסקי לחברות STARTUP COACHING

Behind every successful initiative stands exceptional business guidance that provides advice and tools all along the way – from the idea stage, to identifying the need and finding the technology solution; writing and implementing the business plan; finding investors and ultimately reaching the market. This is the only way to break into the market and become a trailblazing startup.

A great idea alone is not enough. It needs direction too!

There are all sorts of stories about successes and buzz about luck and timing, and there is no doubt that luck is a factor. Ask serial entrepreneurs who have made 2 or 3 exits (e.g. Shimon Eckhouse, Eyal Waldman), and none of them succeeded by magic.

Success is planned!

This is not just a slogan, or an empty promise. Your business’s success really can be planned! In order to make sure your money doesn’t run out along the way, you need to know what you’re going to do tomorrow, next week and next month.

Startups get stuck not because their product is no good, but because they lack wise management. That’s the truth.

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 help startups operate like a successful business

I built this company in order to offer you practical solutions, based on personal experience in the business and entrepreneurial worlds. The vast experience I have gained over the years enables me to understand what’s important and what’s not, and to guide you until you find investors, and either make an exit or establish your company and generate sales, in accordance with your goals and the stage of your startup.

As part of this process, I will guide you through the process of building your presentation and introduce you to a panel of potential investors.

The startup guidance process includes

  • Checking your project and its potential market

  • Providing you with a full and objective overview of the project’s status

  • Examining the financial feasibility

  • Building a work plan that includes: drafting the vision, defining executive  positions, characterizing clients and building marketing and sales plans.

  • Setting goals and setting up a goal-checking  mechanism. I will accompany you in the field, during the implementing of the work plan.


If you want to generate better results in your business, plan and achieve a breakthrough for your business, see what is holding you back and understand the progress your business has made, start setting higher and more challenging goals and start  acting like a WINNER, this workshop is for you!

Success is no accident. It isplanned, and planned well.Businesses stagnate for one reason,and it’s sad that it’s so simple: thelack of proper management andguidance. That’s all.



To create growth in your business, by building a personal foundation of  excellence, by acquiring approaches, tools and abilities within a short time and strengthening them over time.

Excellence is a value that helps people perform beyond their normal capabilities. Excellence creates much more than first-rate results. Excellence creates a desire to see any conflict as a challenge and to enjoy the path to overcoming it. Excellence fosters original loyalty, creativity and inspiration.

The big question is: How do we create excellence? Is it really possible to create excellence, and not necessarily via hard work? Is it possible to make such a change, and not necessarily via long processes? Our answer is a definite “Yes,” and over the past several years we have proved this again and again at large and medium companies. Personal excellence and quality leadership can be developed in a relatively short time.

The two main factors that affect personal performance are: approach and tools. Even with the best communications tools, without a change in the user’s approach, there can be no significant improvement, and no matter how good your approach, without the right simple and user-friendly tools, the best plan will fail within a short time. For this reason, we have created a series of unique tools and processes that have proven time and again that success is within your reach.


  • A boost to your motivation 
  • Defined goals 
  • Business planning for success 
  • Marketing, sales, strategy building, and mapping of potential clients 
  • Conducting negotiations with suppliers and clients, and overcoming objections 
  • Creating a communications base for strategic joint ventures 


  • Drafting and implementing a plan for growth and increased revenues. 
  • Better business results 
  • Keeping your business’s positive horizon in view. 
  • Increased self-confidence. 
  • Tools for planning for success. 
  • How to manage your business and not be managed by it. 
  • Energy and optimism 
  • Exciting interactive workshop 



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