randing is the comprehensive process of identifying your business in a strategic way and then embedding that branding in everything you do. And “everything” means so much more than just designing a fancy logo or splashing a tagline on your business cards.

B Your branding should also be reflected comprehensively across your entire business operations and procedures including your sales process, your company culture, and of course your Mission and Vision statements.  

Really, the hardest part of building your brand isn’t so much about where you are going to shout it from the rooftops; the most challenging part is determining how you want people to feel about your business when they hear your name. It’s about how you want to be perceived by the world, or at least your target market.

Think about two very famous shoe brands. The name Nike might leave you with a sense of tenacity, hard work, and athletic excellence (just do it!), while the name Converse will likely invoke a more counter-culture feeling. This isn’t by accident. Make no mistake, those companies have spent massive amounts of time, effort, and money to successfully instill those messages into their branding.

בניית מותג

אשמח לענות על כל שאלה, ניר מקובסקי – ייעוץ עסקי לחברות | דירקטוריון חלופי | TAB

סדנת לחצות את הרף


השנה זו השנה שלי - האומנם ??? שנת 2022 בעיצומה
 מה איתך ? כמנהל , בעלי חברה, יתכן וכבר עברת מספר של אימונים וייעוצים.
האם אתה מוכן לקחת את העסק לצעד הבא?

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