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Josh Rothstein – Invesments | passive income

Josh Rothstein is the founder and CEO of CSP Investments, a company that focuses on buying and selling real-estate (residential and commercial) and upgrading properties in the United States. He is fifty-one years olds and has a wife, six kids, and one grandchild who he loves very much. Rothstein founded the company back in 2014 in Florida. When he started CSP Investments eleven years ago, he decided that he wanted his business to live by cash flow and for him and the investors to enjoy passive income. Although Israeli, Rothstein does not do work in the Israeli market because it is very expensive and the cash flow would be too weak to live on. Israel has a one to four percent interest rate in real-estate while the United States has an eight percent. Rothstein then learned about American real-estate and management and flew to America to start his business and build a strong and confident team. His team consists of thirty to forty people who he can easily work and communicate with overseas. 

Initially, Rothstein and his investors only worked with rentals because they were “safer” and then worked their way up to residential and commercial since there are more benefits to it and would improve his and his investor’s lives. From the start of the business to now, Rothstein and his investors own properties in Florida, New York, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma. Rothstein believes that his best work, and where he has the highest amount of profit, is in upgrading properties. They buy the property under the market value, fix it up, and then sell it above the market value. 

When investors want to buy a property and keep it for themselves, Rothstein is able to put the property in their name or create an LLC in that person’s name (can also be multiple investor’s names with an LLC) so they have full access. Before buying each property, Rothstein and the investors travel to it and buy it together. Every month, Rothestein sends monthly updates to investors about the places they invested in and gives them their profit. Rothstein visits America quarterly for three weeks to see all the bases and makes sure they are successful. He is incredibly passionate about real-estate and connecting with people and loves to share the excitement of real-estate with investors and potential investors. If you are interested in learning more about Rothstein, CSP Investments, or becoming an investor, check out his website: http://www.cspinvestment.com/.  

TAB Meaning and How He Got Involved:


Two to three years ago Rothstein told Nir Makovsky who is his friend, as well an investor in his company, how he was interested in finding a table or board where he could share his thoughts, ideas, his next move, etc. with other business people that are not in the real-estate industry. Makovsky told Rothstein how he would help him find such a place and a few months later Makovsky presented TAB to Josh and explained how it was based in the United States but expanding internationally. Rothstein immediately joined and found a lot of value. He appreciates the one-on-one coaching that is either once or twice a month where he can ask his business mentor for advice and be held accountable for his plans to keep his business successful. Additionally, the monthly board meetings are incredibly useful to Rothstein because it provides him with a place to share his challenges and growth, listen to other business people, what he wants to accomplish, etc. Rothstein has made many friends from the peer advisory board and he likes TAB a lot. Rothstein is excited to keep using TAB to help him and his business be as successful as possible. 


Ziv Goldin | A2Z design | Plan design and make your dream come to life

Ziv Goldin is the CEO and founder of A2Z-Design, an innovation and development company that provides product design, engineering, manufacturing, and 3D printing and model making. Goldin has always been interested in electronics and engineering, so while completing his time in the army he worked with electronics and his fascination flourished. He went back to school to get a degree in industrial design and worked for other companies before creating A2Z-Design. A2Z was founded so Goldin could have more freedom and diversity in the products he and his team are creating. A2Z enables him to meet new people, learn about companies and products in different fields, so his knowledge grows with each client. 

Goldin strongly emphasizes teamwork, transparency, and face-to-face communication in his office where he presents himself as a teammate instead of a leader to create a positive environment. For example, the design and engineering team work together in an open space where innovation flows freely. Since there is no separation between employees and Goldin, it is a supportive environment where people are able to share their ideas and opinions openly. Everyone on the team knows what is expected of them and they try to do it as effectively and efficiently as possible. Each year, Goldin says, the team is more efficient and effective and they will keep getting faster and more successful each year.

When asked how the team became so close he said how it was a natural process after COVID since people were so excited to come back in the office and talk to each other face-to-face. That teamwork though, leads to much more success. Goldin discussed how each employee has a good character and is always interested in learning which is one of the best things about his company. Everyday Goldin and the team learn more about technology and the latest news about it which helps them stay competitive in the market. Goldin lives by the saying “there is no such thing as impossible.” When they encounter challenges, they know to be creative and brave and explore things in different fields to help them overcome the “impossible” even if it may not seem relevant or is loosely relevant. Everything that Goldin and his team has created is outstanding and check out his website in order to learn more about him and the amazing work he does: https://www.a2z-design.com/.

TAB Meaning and How He Got Involved: 

Goldin heard of TAB when looking for investments for his company and he met Nir Makovsky who told him about TAB. At first he was a little hesitant, but was impressed with Makovsky and the idea of TAB so he tried it out and has never looked back. He quickly saw the value in it and shared what TAB meant to him. He told us that since he is the CEO of a small company he does not have a board like large companies have to help overcome challenges and get advice. That is where he said TAB comes in; meeting with CEOs in different industries gives him a space to bounce ideas off one another, give and receive advice, and overcome obstacles. Additionally, with TAB’s coaching service, he is able to set goals and share his progress with the board as well as his coach and it helps keep him accountable and he describes it as a “social incentive” to complete these goals. TAB gives him a lot of support, flexibility, and value to help him run a successful company and team. Goldin is excited to keep being a long-term returning member. 

Yaron Shifman – Generate a Deal Flow while you sleep

Yaron Shifman is the CEO and founder of Swathly, a sales intelligence software that optimizes selling processes for B2B companies looking to export products all around the world. Shifman originally worked at Kodak, an American company, for sixteen years. It was a very traditional company where they would conduct business with the network they were familiar with and if they wanted to get a new client they would have to use distributors which were expensive. Shifman had the idea to help older, more traditional businesses reach new clients by creating a technology and methodology that knows how to break down the DNA of every company and understand which prospect is right for them. He uses his software to help B2B companies target their clients anywhere in the world. 

Before beginning the process with a client, there is an onboarding process so Shifman can understand his client and know what they are looking for. The software scans their clients’ business in order to see how they manage their business and the products/services they sell. Once the software system has all that information it needs and knows what to look for it begins to scan the internet for potential clients. 

The technology and methodology that Shifman uses sets him apart from his competition. He uses machinery systems, a scraper, taxonomy, and AI to help his clients be successful. The taxonomy is used for preparation, the scraper runs on different websites and finds everything that fills the parameter and creates a marketing strategy to connect with the right company and says what platform to do it on. The software is so intelligent that it knows how to scrap companies around the world and look for the parameters for the criteria that fit Shifman’s client’s prospect profile. Once finding the profile, the software knows how to contact the company, see their competitors, and engage with the company in order to sell the client’s product. 

AI has always helped Shifman stay ahead and up to date on the latest trends. When using Swathly, you have them as a partner that understands the market even if you are in a niche market. In no time, AI is able to understand the client’s industry and talk about it as if they were also in that industry. Additionally, AI is able to tell if the potential clients would be good for Shifman’s clients. Shifman guarantees good results in less time. Interested in learning more about Swathly, Yaron Shifman, and the great work that he is doing check out his website: https://www.swathly.com/

TAB Meaning:

Shifman has found a lot of advantages since joining TAB. He feels that TAB is another layer of support for his company. Prior to joining TAB, he felt that while managing his business, he had to make all the important decisions by himself and he felt that he was alone. He shared how he would go to bed thinking about work and the challenges that he was facing and pondering about how to overcome these challenges. After joining TAB, he feels that he is not alone and has a great place to share his thoughts. At the monthly board meetings with other CEOs he is able to express the challenges and obstacles he is facing in his business and listen to other business leaders to see if they are experiencing the same thing in their field or if they had in the past and how they overcame it. Additionally, he was able to share what he wanted to accomplish with his business and if it was following a path leading to success. The peer

Batia Epstein | Q-Lingua | Global Success

Batia Epstein-Bochnik is the co-founder and CEO of Q-Lingua, a company that focuses on translations, localization, and end-to-end language partners. She has been in the language industry since 2008 and co-founded Q-Lingua in 2016. Q-Lingua provides translation from Hebrew to about fifteen different languages and from English to all languages and vice-versa. They also provide content writing for user-guides and/or manuals in English and Hebrew and marketing content for presentation, posts, etc. Batia was born and raised in Haifa where she currently lives today. Prior to 2008, she was an international business developer with both high-tech and low-tech companies as well as renewable energy companies. There, she wrote content for her clients. Since 2008, she has brought her love of language, where she always felt she could connect with people, and business together. 

As most business owners know, you need to connect with your target audience in order to make sales. The same is true in language—you must connect with the audience in their language, the style they write and speak in, the way they think, feel, etc. or they will not buy from you. Q-Lingua helps companies do this efficiently by tailoring specific processes for each company and making sure the forms are completed to the highest standard, which increases their time to market. This is one of the main reasons to work with Q-Lingua, their quality. General translation is easy to find but they bring added value by selecting the right project manager for the job. Her team consists of in-house project managers that are passionate about language and all have different talents. Additionally, the project managers work with their client for so long in order to feel comfortable with one another and so the client has someone they can rely on the next time they need Q-Lingua’s services. Batia is extremely happy with her team and loves to see the amazing things they accomplish. 

Batia, as well as the rest of the team at Q-Lingua, pride themselves on returning customers and referrals which is about seventy to eighty percent of their business. They believe that people need to work with people and they understand that each client is different even if they are in the same industry as another client. They ask for their client’s milestones and adapt the process to meet those goals. Q-Lingua acts as their clients internal language department which makes their help smooth and efficient and use the right tools for each client. If you want to hear more about Batia, her team, and Q-Lingua check out her website: https://www.q-lingua.com/

TAB Meaning and How She Got Involved: 

Batia has been a TAB member for over two and a half years. In previous years, Batia had worked with Nir Makovsky as her mentor and trainer and he became very familiar with her partner, company, and team. Makovsky recommended she join TAB when she was at a junction in her business, and she has never looked back. Batia loves how TAB is an open space and place where she is able to talk to other business leaders and learn about their companies and hear the challenges that they face which are sometimes similar and sometimes different than the challenges she faces. Additionally, she appreciates how she and the rest of the board are able to bounce ideas off of each other and although she has a team, she is not able to share all her dilemmas and decisions with her team so the monthly meetings are a great place to do that. The monthly or bi-monthly one-to-one sessions with her business mentor keeps her “honest” and together they drill in and create a plan that is achievable and this mentor keeps her honest by holding her accountable to the plan and keeps her focus. While both the board meetings and one-on-one sessions are incredibly important, Batia believes she gains more value from the board meeting and the discussions they have during it even though all the business leaders are from different industries. Batia is looking forward to continuing to be a TAB member. 


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