Leadership vs. Management


the difference?

There exists an ongoing debate in business circles regarding Leadership vs. Management.

Putting semantics aside, we’ll cut to the core of which traits realistically help business owners get the best results from their team.

As it relates to business owners and CEOs, the task is to lead people and the goal is to take advantage of the specific strengths and knowledge of every individual. As management author Tom Peters put it, “leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

A gifted leader will spread their message virally by empowering the rest of the company to act with the same enthusiasm and dedication. Creating this company culture of integrity and mutual respect will strengthen a company from the top down 

Traditionally, many business managers ruled their subordinates with fear and control, or reward and punishment. However, with the evolution of psychology and technology, these tactics of bully and intimidation are outdated and less common in the modern work Methods of getting the best results out of your staff have become less draconian over time. A

common managerial trait is the desire to not rock the boat—using methods other than heavy-handed ways to impose authority.

According to Stanford University professor Bob Sutton, “the best leaders do something that

might properly be called a mix of leadership and management.” Real leaders feel their role is to environment.


unlimited inspire their team andv understand that a hybrid of forward-thinking leadership traits and a proven managerial skill set is a combination for a business owner’s success in inspiring and providing for their organization.

Not every business will be perfectly suited to implement the most forward-thinking   leadership strategies. Netflix founder, Reed Hastings, for example, implemented a policy of vacation time for all salaried employees. While this seems to have worked for this Silicon Valley tech startup, such liberal methods don’t fit will with all business institutions. There may be times where traditional, tried-and-true management systems are a good fit.

Leaders should never stop innovating and taking risks with potentially ground- breaking ideas.

Finding the right balance between experimental leadership concepts and  functional management practices requires moderation on both sides. The visionary leaders will be those who look for the best thinking, most creative solutions, not the safest or most cautious.

Leadership vs. Management

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