Strategic business coaching

Why strategic planning is essential for the business In the complex world of business, where every move can have a significant impact on results, strategy is not just a buzzword; it is the root of continuous success in business. Like a master in a chess game, which looks a few moves ahead, a business also […]

Achieve your potential through business coaching


Achieve your potential through business coaching. Every business has its own story, and the stories are filled with highs and lows, successes and challenges, constant growth and change. At the center of these stories are the business owners, the entrepreneurs – those talented and unique people who created something out of nothing, and steered the […]

Business coaching for entrepreneurs

Achieve entrepreneurial dreams through business coaching Every entrepreneur embarks on a journey that feeds on passion, vision, and an incessant urge to bring a unique idea to life. These energetic visionaries often see the world differently, identify gaps and dream of solutions that many do not see at all. However, even the most enthusiastic entrepreneurial […]

Business training in Petah Tikva

Make a big change through business training At the heart of Israel stands Petah Tikva as a testament to modernity, innovation and a thriving and significant business center. This dynamic city, known as the Colonial Mother, is long ago a melting pot of entrepreneurship, business and growth. From its bustling center to its vast industrial […]

Peer Advisory Board |TAB XCELERATOR | How to rapidly grow you business


Peer Avisory Board of directors Managing a company when growing fast, or growing in general, provides daily challenges. Marketing | Sales | Employee Management | And also lead a private life. No wonder many people report stress, poor time management and more. The Board of Directors, as its name is, is intended to give the […]


שידרוג שרשרת האספקה

Stuck in a Rut: 3 Ways to Mitigate Supply Chain Issues The illustrations are shocking. Renderings of the coastal waters off what should be the busiest seaports in the world. Maritime maps crowded with hundreds, if not thousands, of colorful pinpoints. Each dot representing a cargo ship, almost certainly full of goods, sitting idle in […]

Accountability and Employee Engagement

מעורבות עובדים

UnLeash the power of your team | Harness your employees through our world known STRATPRO PLAN | Generate Accoutability Employee Engagement Is the Core of Your Business  Employee engagement is a big, important concept in running a thriving business. The term denotes experiences that are rife with interest and action and commitment and enrichment. Employee […]

The path to success with strategic planning

בניית תיכנון אסטרטגי

The Road to Success is always planned , strategy is a must  Strategic planning is a business leadership activity that identifies goals, creates business strategies designed to attain those goals, implements actions around those strategies, then continues to evaluate the effectiveness of plan execution. It all boils down to where your business currently stands, where […]

How to create a winning brand

בניית מותג

randing is the comprehensive process of identifying your business in a strategic way and then embedding that branding in everything you do. And “everything” means so much more than just designing a fancy logo or splashing a tagline on your business cards. B Your branding should also be reflected comprehensively across your entire business operations […]

How to sell better | How to read your clients


How does our body language affect us? Every day, without even realizing it. We have the ability to analyze the body language of others. For example, if a person is embarrassed, he will move his hands constantly, or if a person combines hands, we will assume that he or she is locked up and vice […]

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