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דירקטוריון מן המיניין, בוודאי שמוכר (לטוב או ל…)  נועד לסייע לבעל החברה לחשיבה אסטרטגית, תיכנון ויישום.
לשם כך מורכב מקבוצת אנשים בעלי כישורים ויכולות שונים. מועצת מנהלים אלטרנטיסית פועלת שונה. גלה כיצד לוקחים 6-10 בעלי חברות, מנכל”ים והופכים אותם למועצת עמיתים שבה כולם למען אחד ואחד למען כולם.

the 19 benifits of being in TAB

You know how big, public companies have a board of directors to provide advice, expertise, and accountability to company leadership? (look for agreement) Well, independently owned companies don’t typically provide that for the business owner. So, what I do is bring business owners and CEOs from non-competing industries together in a confidential and small group setting – similar to a board of directors. We work together to deal with the challenges and opportunities we each face in our own company. We call it The Alternative Board, or TAB.

Small business owner peer groups (sometimes called business mastermind groups) are available to discuss problems and build goals as a collective; a business owner advisory board. 

By reading 19 Reasons You Need a Business Owner Advisory Board you will:

  • Learn what makes a business owner advisory board different than other types of peer-to-peer groups
  • Find out how business owners come together to solve problems during a TAB board meeting
  • Receive guidance on how to choose the best business advisory board for your company



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