Set a new bAR - The online edition

The only Business Xceleration guarantees performance with 3 KPI, the third being a game changer

In this challenging time we are experiencing, us, the highjump company took the challenge to the next stage – the agile application stage !!!

We have identified and developed another safe method For better results in just 21 days !!!
90% of businesses have increased profitability

yes, the business became profitabel !!! Moved from a surival mode to a planned & prosperous business​

THE THREE Gaurantees



In this program you will receive a toolbox and learn how to prepare an action plan. A program that will certain results amd success in your business

During the 21-days you will receive tools and approaches that you may have heard. Knowledge alone does not make a difference and change in the business. The difference is that you will also get a lot of managerial experience and experience in growing small, medium and large businesses. The method works in any business !!!

OVER 50% of our customers have doubled their revenue cycle in a short period of between 3-6 months !!!

Proper planning plus the right approach yields certain successes



The only way we know to get out of the comfort zone = change in attitude + change in the way of operation

In the method we have developed and the tools you will receive, there is no way to stay in the comfort zone (not with us). Dare  & Challenge instead of routine. The only area where you will create an opportunity for a substantial breakthrough !!!

About 80-90% of the customers who participated in the “complained” workshops that left the comfort zone,

The only area in the physical universe where a breakthrough takes place !!!

  • 4 sessions once a week – about two hours

  • A closed  WHATSAPP group – aimed to support, guide, brainstorm, share successes and create insane energy.

  • A “boutique group” (up to 10) – that the focus is on personal touch  and attention to each participant personal , our availibility in both phone and mail. (Unlimited in time)

  • Quality  – facilitators with a various & broad business experience and knowledge , managment and growing businesses to break records. We have coached and delivered business workshops to over 5,000 businesses and trainees

  • And most important – we care and motivate for action

how the program works?

  • Building a Winning Mentality & Resilience 
  • Building an action plan and setting challenging goals produces successes
  • Marketing – Create a marketing strategy focused on the needs of your business
  • Sales – Who is the new consumer? And after we learn about it we will learn how to improve% conversion in front of it

what we expect you to take from

=Begins on 29/12/2020 (4 weekly sessions) between 18: 00-20: 00 The price is 987 including VAT !!! Yes you read that right


and now this... our third...

our performance GUARANTEES

and most important

  If attendeded all four sessions and , a plan have been submitted and implemented
 And yet to have produced what you wanted you will be eligible , No questions to full refund !!!!!
 All you have to do is send
Email up to 4 days after the end of the escort program and write – I did not produce.
And you will receive a refund within 4 days.

Why us


Senior manager for over 30 years in leading companies, coaches and accompanies businesses and individuals, and leads workshops for excellence in business. Has extensive experience in leading freelancers to successes and realizing their potential. Specializes in increasing business profitability and planning for success.

And make everything complicated simple !!!


Accelerator (accelerator for startups), group facilitator, and graduate NLP and various coacing techniques. Has extensive experience in managing huge and leading companies & projects In successful startups. With 20 years of experience in management, he has led projects, businesses and individuals to incredible successes and profits in their businesses


The only sprint program to ensure performance

either– you got what you wished

OR –if not, still, we trust you did learn something and you’ll get your money back

Set a new bar - the online edition

see you on the zoom platform
STARTS 8/12/2020, 4 WEEKS, ONCE A WEEK 18:00-20:008